Who we are

The Manx Museum and National Trust was originally set up in the 19th century by the Isle of Man’s Parliament, Tynwald, to look after the Islands archaeological sites. The organisation is supported by the Isle of Man Government and Trustees are appointed by Tynwald. On a day to day basis the Trust operates at “arms length” but has close relationships with Government Departments, in particularly with the Department of Enterprise. The Trust also has charitable status and works closely with other voluntary sector bodies such as the Manx Wildlife Trust.

There are up to 11 Trustees who serve five year terms. These are unpaid public appointments. Trustees set the overall direction of the organisation and are accountable to the Manx Community for its performance and effectiveness. As Charity Trustees they also manage donations and bequests to the organisation.

The day to day operations of the Trust are carried out by a team of professional staff. Our team are public servants, employed by the Isle of Man Government, with some appointments funded by our Friends and charitable Trust. We also benefit from economies of scale through access to Government systems and contracts such as insurance, computing and telecommunications.

Increasingly the Trust also benefits from the support of a large team of volunteers and supporters.

Our Executive Team

Mr Edmund Southworth, Director

Mrs Gaynor Haxby, Head of Public Services

Mr Gary Lark, Head of Corporate Services

Miss Kirsty Neate, Head of Professional Services

Mr Steve Blackford, Head of Properties

Our Trustees

Mr Jonathan Hall, Chairman

Mr Malcolm Kelly, Vice-Chairman

Mr Rob Callister MHK, Trustee

Mrs Joan Conway, Trustee

Mr Phil Gawne, Trustee

Dr Catriona Mackie, Trustee

Mr Dave Martin, Trustee

Mr Mark Shimmin, Trustee

Mrs Jennie Thompson, Trustee

Mr John Watt, Trustee

Ms Eva Wisemark, Trustee

We are...

  • A designated body of the Isle of Man Government linked via the Department of Economic Development
  • Supported by the Isle of Man Government who provide funding for our core activities and some of our capital projects
  • A Charitable Trust, Manx registered charity no 603 existing by statute as the Manx Museum & National Trust.
  • Governed by a Board of Trustees who contribute to our work through their expertise and experience.
  • The National Museum Service
  • The National Monuments Service
  • The National Trust
  • The National Library & Archive
  • The National Art Gallery
  • Farmer, landowner, operator of Tourist attractions, retailer, publisher, events promoter, teacher, advisor, conservator


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