Most of the land we look after, the museum collections we display, the library materials people consult, and the archives we make available online, have been donated or bequeathed to us. We hold these things “in trust” for future generations. The Isle of Man Government contributes to our running costs and we try to raise income through admissions and shops – but we simply could not look after everything we hold dear without the gifts that generous people make to us. Any gift we receive, no matter how large or small, makes a great contribution.

There are so many ways we can use a gift. Many people make a gift without specifying a particular use. This type of gift is invaluable because we can target it where the need is greatest at the time. These gifts also allow us to act quickly when an opportunity arises to save a special place or a unique object for the national collections.

Some people want to protect a place that’s special to them, such as a favourite part of the island we care for, or one of our sites that they have fond memories of visiting. Other people make a gift to be used in a particular area of our work such as restoring paintings, digitising records or inspiring children to appreciate their cultural heritage. We’ll do our best to make this happen and we can help you with the wording of your gift.

You can be confident that any gift you make will be used wisely and effectively.

Isle of Man Registered Charity No. 603

Supported payments

To make a donation to Manx National Heritage, please visit our Donations site.

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