About the Isle of Man

Situated between the coastlines of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, in the middle of the Irish Sea, you’ll find our beautiful Island.

Blessed with an extensive coastline, stunning natural landscapes and the cleanest beaches in Europe, the Isle of Man is within easy reach of the rest of the British Isles.

The Island is 52 kilometres long and 22 kilometres wide.  In old money that’s 32 miles by 14 miles.  It’s home to about 80,000 people.

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Although English speaking, the Manx people also have their own language, Manx Gaelic.  You might hear people using some common Manx phrases like Traa dy liooartime enough.

The Island has a 10,000 year history with a strong Celtic and Viking past.  It is governed by its own parliamentary assembly – Tynwald – the oldest continuous parliament in the world.  The national symbol of the Isle of Man is the three legs and its motto: whichever way you throw it, it will stand, could be seen as a symbol of Manx independence and resilience.

The Island is beautiful at any time of year.  Dramatic landscape and coast lines give way to wooded glens and valleys.

You can tour the Island in original carriages and tram cars from the 1870s on the vintage electric and steam railways.

The Isle of Man is also, of course, home to the world famous TT races; a Mecca for motorsport enthusiasts the world over.  The Island is transformed for 2 weeks every year in June as motorbikes line the streets.

Cats with no tails, folklore and fairies, castles and Celtic and Viking kingdoms – this is a place like no other!

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