Manx Language

Manx National Heritage is a strong supporter of Manx Gaelic, which is one of six Celtic languages, the others being Irish, Scots Gaelic, Welsh, Breton and Cornish. The language is part of the unique culture of the Isle of Man and you will often hear it spoken around the Island.

If you would like to learn a few words and say hello to people you meet around the Island try:

Moghrey mie (MORR-a MY) Good morning
Fastyr mie (FASS-ter MY) Good afternoon / Good evening
Oie vie (ee-VY) Goodnight
Kys t’ou? (kiss-TOW) How are you?
Mie dy liooar (MY-tha-L’YOOR) Well enough
Castreycair (KASS-tra-care) Middlin
Goll as gaccan (gull as GAG un)  Goin’ ‘n’ grumblin’
Gura mie ayd (gurr-a-MY-edd) Thank you
Slane lhiat (slenn-L’YATT) Goodbye
Hee’m oo (HEE-m oo) I’ll see you
Traa dy liooar (TRA-tha-L’YOOR) Time enough

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