Manx Language

Manx National Heritage recognises that the Manx language is an integral part of the island’s national identity and cultural life.

If you would like to learn a few words try:

Moghrey mie (MORR-a MY) Good morning
Fastyr mie (FASS-ter MY) Good afternoon / Good evening
Oie vie (ee-VY) Goodnight
Kys t’ou? (kiss-TOW) How are you?
Mie dy liooar (MY-tha-L’YOOR) Well enough
Castreycair (KASS-tra-care) Middlin
Goll as gaccan (gull as GAG un)  Goin’ ‘n’ grumblin’
Gura mie ayd (gurr-a-MY-edd) Thank you
Slane lhiat (slenn-L’YATT) Goodbye
Hee’m oo (HEE-m oo) I’ll see you
Traa dy liooar (TRA-tha-L’YOOR) Time enough

To learn more about the Manx language visit

Culture Vannin provides a translations service between Manx and English.

For further information about lessons, translations and using the language, contact the Manx Language Development Officer at Culture Vannin:

Manx Language Development Officer,
Fairfield House,
Main Road,
St John’s, Mannin,

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