From Bedpans To Boardroom by Amanda Sumner


From Bedpans To Boardroom: A Quirky History of Nursing and Midwifery in the Isle of Man

by Amanda Sumner

Paperback, 278 pages

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From Bedpans To Boardroom: A Quirky History of Nursing and Midwifery in the Isle of Man

Of interest to local historians as well as health professionals, From Bedpans to Boardroom provides a unique account of the history of nursing and midwifery in the Isle of Man – an area never before researched for publication, and describes the transformation of Manx nurses and midwives from the uneducated, subservient handmaids of the late 1800s, to the erudite, specialist practitioners of 2022.

The book recounts the political and societal changes which have influenced health service provision over the last 150 years. It describes the austere working conditions experienced by hospital, community, and mental health nurses, and offers an insight into the uniqueness of Island nursing. Although the Island has never trained its own midwives, the service has undergone radical changes over the decades, and readers learn how the introduction of maternity homes – along with advances in midwifery practice – helped to reduce mother and baby mortality rates.

The book documents historic events which placed extreme pressure on local health services, such as the Summerland Leisure Complex fire and the Covid-19 pandemic; and explores the impact that legislative changes (including the introduction of the NHS and Manx Care) have had on services.

With humorous quips throughout, Bedpans to Boardroom entertains readers with amusing anecdotes – as well as a selection of light-hearted reminiscences from the author’s days as a student nurse.

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