Manx Mines & Minerals DVD


Manx Mines & Minerals DVD

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The mines of the Isle of Man are located in some of the most remote sites to be found anywhere in Europe. It was here that miners in Victorian times laboured to bring up lead and copper from deep underground. On the island there are many examples of brilliant Victorian mine engineering. At Laxey, the world’s biggest water wheel was built to pump water from the lead mines, and an extraordinary water-powered lift was installed to get the men down levels over 1400 feet below lit only by single candles.

In this video, presenter Charles Guard visits these sites, and explores the remains of a once thriving industry. He rediscovers the miles of channels round the hillsides and takes the cameras deep underground to see long-forgotten machines that made mining in the Isle of Man such an important part of the British economy.

Running time: 91 minutes

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