BLUE: Walter the Royal Fire Engine by Robert G Cowley


RED: A Manx Dragon Called Rufus

Manx Bedtime Stories Book 3

by Robert G Cowley

Paperback, 22 pages

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BLUE: Walter the Royal Fire Engine

BLUE: Walter the Royal Fire Engine is a wonderful tale written by local author Robert G Cowley and beautifully illustrated by Manx artist Graiagh Smith.

It follows the tale of an old royal fire engine called Walter who has been forgotten and abandoned. Covered in dust and cobwebs he is found by a young elf, who helps restore Walter to his former glory. When crisis strikes the Magic Kingdom, it might just be the unlikeliest of heroes that come to the rescue…

Aimed at ages 5+ with an additional colouring sheet and vibrant illustrations throughout, this book is full of magic, fire engines and happy young elves, BLUE is a story of friendship and appreciating the wisdom our elders can provide.

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