A Look Through Castle Rushen by Stuart Quayle


A Look Through Castle Rushen

by Stuart Quayle

Paperback, 113 pages

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A Look Through Castle Rushen

This newly published souvenir guidebook about Castle Rushen contains detailed information about the Castle, the Lords of Mann and the people who lived and worked there.

Colourfully illustrated throughout with photography by Stephen Corran this book answers questions such as:

  • Why did a Viking King of Man with connections to the English Royal Court and a great English Lord build the Castle?
  • Why are the Montagus so famous, what did they do, where did they fight and what is their connection to Castle Rushen?
  • Who was the gatekeeper of Castle Rushen in 1428 and who beat him up?
  • Why Lord Ferdinando Stanley wouldn’t thank you for a mushroom…
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