Explore Cregneash & Meayll Peninsula


Explore Cregneash & Meayll Peninsula

Published by Manx National Heritage


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Explore Cregneash & Meayll Peninsula

Nestled on a plateau overlooking the Sound and the Calf of Man, the village of Cregneash was one of the last strongholds of the Manx language and the crofting way of life. The community developed from a gathering of sod cottages to dwellings built of stone and thatch and as early as the 1800s the uniqueness of Cregneash was considered a must-see attraction for visiting tourists.

But there’s more to Cregneash’s story than crofting alone. The Meayll peninsula was home to Neolithic people, and above the village lies a 6,000-year-old burial site, unique within the British Isles. World War II also left its mark on the area, with a major radar station located on Meayll Hill and for a whole year the entire peninsula was cut off from the rest of the Island by barbed wire as part of Rushen internment camp.

The village’s life as folk museum began in 1938, with the opening of Harry Kelly’s cottage to visitors. In time, much of the rest of the village was acquired by Manx National Heritage and today Cregneash has become one of the Island’s most special and popular heritage attractions.


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