LABYRINTH: The Treasure House

A unique night at the Manx Museum with Labyrinth: History in Action who take you on an immersive journey celebrating the 100 years of the Manx Museum.

  • Date 26/04/2023 — 29/04/2023
  • Time Timed performances from 5pm - 8pm
  • Location Manx Museum
  • Price £12
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A new promenade performance at the Manx Museum by Labyrinth: History in Action. Join us for a night at the Museum where participants will be taken upon an immersive journey celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Manx Museum. An active and fast-moving experience.

*Please note the event is not suitable for children under 7. This is a theatrical promenade performance which involves standing throughout, low level lighting, enclosed spaces and walking some distance.  

  • 26/04/23, 7pm SOLD OUT
  • 28/04/23, 5pm SOLD OUT
  • 28/04/23, 6.30pm SOLD OUT
  • 28/04/23, 8pm SOLD OUT
  • 29/04/23, 5pm SOLD OUT
  • 29/04/23, 6.30pm SOLD OUT
  • 29/04/23, 8pm

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Event location: Manx Museum

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