Calf of Man Bird Observatory – Self Catering Hostel

The Calf of Man is a beautiful island, situated half a mile off the south-west coast of the Isle of Man.

  • Self Catering Hostel
  • Shearwater x 4 guests (Bunk Beds): £70.00
  • Chough (Bunk Bed) x 2 guests: £40.00
  • Fulmar (Single beds) x 2 guests: £40.00
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As a Nature Reserve and Bird Observatory, the Calf is the ideal location to enjoy bird life, flora and fauna. Around 33 species of birds breed on the Island annually, around 10 of which are sea birds. Estate and ornithological wardens live on the island looking after the island’s population of resident and migrant birds.

Self catering hostel / bunkhouse style accommodation is available on the Calf for up to 8 visitors.  As a working bird observatory, accommodation is basic with shared bathroom facilities.

All bookings for visitors to the Calf of Man are handled by Island Escapes

Please contact them directly with any enquiries.

A stay on the Calf is only suitable for those who are fit enough to cope with the terrain and conditions.  Visitors need to bring their own food supplies and a sleeping bag.

Travelling to the Island is a unique experience and is booked via local boatmen who arrange the boat journey to and from the Calf.  Day trips can also be arranged directly with the boatmen operating ‘Vagabond’, ‘Scraayl’, ‘Shona Elizabeth’ or ‘Kirree Varrey’ – please see our visitor information for contact details for each vessel operator.

If you are planning to stay overnight, it is important to pre-book your journey directly with the boatmen and your overnight accommodation online.

When visiting, please respect the wildlife, peace and tranquility of this beautiful island wildlife sanctuary and bird observatory.  Camping and drinking parties are not permitted at any time.  Fishing is not permitted between 1st April to 31st July.

Please note that smoking is not permitted on the Calf of Man.

Find out more in our visitor information – it is important to read this before making a booking.

For more details on accessibility please see our Access Guide.

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