The Fairy Bridge Fairies by Anita Mulvey


The Fairy Bridge Fairies

by Anita Mulvey

Paperback, 40 pages

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The Fairy Bridge Fairies

Welcome to the Isle of Man, a little island nestled in the Irish Sea between Scotland and England to the east, Wales to the south and Ireland to the west. Spend a full day in the magical, fairy kingdom of the Fairy Bridge. Discover how the tiny, mystical folk co-exist with all the nature around them. What do they do all day? Find out if all the human travellers over the Fairy Bridge will greet the fairies today. And what might the fairies do if anyone fails to hail them politely? Not only is this a story about the fairies, its also a colouring book. Bring the Fairy Bridge fairy-world to life with your own colours. Lots of line drawings to colour-in, on thick paper, plus pages to create your own fairies or write your own wishes.

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