Peel Past and Present by Ray Stanfield


Peel Past and Present

by Ray Stanfield

Paperback, 128 pages

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Peel Past and Present

Books offering a peek into what a place looked like a century ago are always popular, particularly if there are also photographs of its appearance today. Peel: past & present offers some startling comparisons.

Peel is one of the oldest towns on the Isle of Man, its history bound up with the sea. Fishing shaped the town, with almost every inhabitant not only from the town but also from the surrounding area having some connexion with the industry. Even today Peel boasts the largest fishing fleet in the Irish Sea.

But the story doesn’t end there. When holidaymakers discovered the Isle of Man, Peel’s majestic castle, picturesque winding streets and bustling port drew fascinated visitors. The old photographs in this book are drawn from the postcards such visitors sent home.

Much has changed, of course, but it’s often surprising just how much has remained the same.


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