Alice Through the Looking Glass


Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the timeless tale, Alice in Wonderland.

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The Alice Through the Looking Glass coin collection features a set of five 50p Coins.

The designs depict the books most beloved characters from the sequel with excerpts of their best known quotes, including:

  • Alice “Life, what is it but a dream?”
  • Mad March Hare “There’s nothing but hay left now”.
  • Tweedledum & Tweedledee “There’s nothing to cry about!”
  • The Red Queen “The Queen cried ‘Faster! Faster!’”
  • The White Queen “That’s the effect of living backwards”.

The coins are circulating quality and are protected within an illustrated folder, making the perfect gift idea. *coins can have minor contact marks and edge imperfections*

The coins are protected within a card and includes descriptions of each of the characters featured.

The coins are circulating quality but have not been in circulation.

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