PwC Conservation Battle at Kerroogarroo Fort

– Posted on Friday 14th December 2012

52 members of staff from PwC have contributed half a day of their time to carry out some valuable conservation work for Manx National Heritage (MNH) at Kerroogarroo, an impressive earthen fort near St. Judes dating back to the Civil War.

Kerroogarroo, a large artillery fort with a moat, was erected in the mid 17th Century by James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby, a staunch Royalist, as part of the Island’s network of defences against Parliamentarian attack.  Other defences constructed during this period include another earthen fort at Bishopscourt, the refurbished stone fort at St Michael’s Isle, and modernised defences for musketeers at Peel Castle. 

The margins of the two acre site had become encroached by gorse and scrub growth and the team used bow saws and loppers to carry out clearance work.  The PwC teams were co-ordinated by MNH Property Manager, Shaun Murphy and Andrew Johnson, Curator of Field Archaeology.

Shaun Murphy said;

‘PwC made an outstanding contribution to clearing the fort. The size of the team on its own was equivalent to 26 days work, providing a great help to the MNH team. We are extremely grateful to the PwC teams for helping us care for this important historic asset.  Unfortunately, it rained every day of the week that we were on site and despite getting soaked on occasions, the teams cheerfully got on with the job!  We are also grateful to neighbouring farmer, John Maddrell, for his assistance.’

Ian Clague, Senior Partner from PwC, said;

‘We are delighted to have been able to help Manx National Heritage with this conservation work. Kerroogarroo Fort really is one of the hidden treasures of the island. We wish Manx National Heritage well with their continued efforts on this project.’

Earlier in the year dense bracken in the interior of the fort was cut back to allow detailed survey work to be undertaken, and Andrew Johnson hopes this may reveal more about the history of the fort. Andrew said;

‘This earthwork was part of the Earl of Derby’s energetic and extensive preparations against Parliamentary attack, all of which came to nought as a result of the rebellion of 1651 fomented by the Manx patriot William Christian.’

Kerroogarroo can be visited by the footpath signposted off the A17 Andreas to St Judes road.  Please keep to the field edge and ensure that any dogs are kept under control.  The site is just one of the ancient monuments in the care of MNH. Find out more at

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