Planning and the economy: have your say

– Posted on Tuesday 20th March 2012

The 6-week public consultation on Planning and the Economy from the Department of Infrastructure is just over halfway through and Manx National Heritage is reminding the Manx community to make sure they submit their views to help to shape the future of the Island.

This important draft policy sets out how development will take place in the Isle of Man over future years and is just one of a number of proposed changes to the Island’s planning system.

Edmund Southworth, Director of Manx National Heritage said:

“Manx National Heritage considers that the Isle of Man’s historic landscape is at the heart of its distinctive character. It adds significantly to the quality of life of the Island and is a key feature in promoting the Island both to visitors from abroad and those looking to invest here. Protecting this landscape as an asset for future generations is especially challenging when there is pressure to improve the economy for the current generation.

The draft planning statement raises many fundamental questions about how decisions are made about the landscape of the Isle of Man, and it will be important that decisions taken as a result of the consultation have wide public and political support.

MNH contributes significantly to the economy of the island and welcomes the opportunity to stress the economic value of the built and natural heritage including that managed by other organisations. Together we help to create and support many businesses in tourism, retail, arts and design. These creative industries are the fastest growing sectors of the economy in the British Isles. Manx National Heritage welcomes the opportunity to give feedback on the policy and we want the Manx community to have their say on how they want to see the Isle of Man develop”.

The draft Planning Policy can be viewed online at and paper copies are available to view from Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Building Control Division, Murray House, Mount Havelock, Douglas, Isle of Man.

The deadline for submissions is 3 April 2012.

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