New Guidebook series for Iconic Manx sites

– Posted on Thursday 25th June 2015

Manx National Heritage, the organisation responsible for the protection and marketing of the Isle of Man’s heritage and culture, is launching a series of guidebooks to accompany visits to its historic sites on the Island.

The six books in the series, which are being funded by the Manx Museum and National Trust, are being researched by Manx National Heritage staff including Edmund Southworth, Director of Manx National Heritage. Manx National Heritage is working with the team at Isle of Man Advertising & PR to produce the guide books.

The first of the guide books to be released is the ‘Great Laxey Wheel and Mines Trail’ which charts the history of mining in the village and the building of Lady Isabella in 1854, through to the present day. The 36-page book, featuring a number of never before seen images and graphics as well as images from the Manx National Heritage museum archives, tells the story of the wheel and her significance to Laxey and the mining industry as well as profiling some of the leading individuals in her 160-year history.

The Great Laxey Wheel and Mines Trail guidebook, priced at £5.95, is now available on the MNH online shop and from all MNH retail sites, including the House of Manannan and Manx Museum. The book is on sale at the Laxey Wheel site, where visitors can also experience the newly refurbished wheel following the work carried out over the winter months.

The other books in the series scheduled for release this year are on Peel Castle, which is expected to be on sale in the autumn, and completely new souvenir book on the collections and work of the Manx Museum, including some of its leading exhibits as well as “behind the scenes” treasures. The Manx Museum souvenir book will be available in the winter. Three further guidebooks – on the four Castletown sites; the Southern sites (including Cregneash) and the Grove Museum, Ramsey are planned for publication in 2016.

Edmund Southworth, Director, Manx National Heritage, commented:

“These updated guides will not only improve the visitor experience to some of the Island’s main sites but, with the research carried out to produce them, will help improve people’s understanding of how they contribute to Manx Culture and Heritage. They are richly illustrated and easy to read – making them accessible to all ages.”

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