NatWest Hit Squad in Maughold

– Posted on Friday 18th May 2012

Following their work at the Curragh last year to improve the Hen Harrier habitat, Manx National Heritage (MNH) recently welcomed another team from NatWest to carry out repair and improvement work to footpaths at Gob ny Rona (point of the seal) in Maughold.

The headland at Gob ny Rona includes a coastal battery, believed to date from the 17th Century. It is thought that the fort was one of a number of defences put in place by the Earl of Derby to protect the Island against Parliamentary forces during the Civil War. By 1900, a seaside promenade had been built as part of a much larger Victorian development scheme that included the building of a hotel on the headland and a bathing creek. These plans were abandoned in early 1900 following the failure of Dumbell’s Bank. MNH obtained ownership of 9 acres of land at Gob ny Rona in 1964 following generous gifts from Margaret Cunningham and the Groves’ family.  Today, the promontory has a network of paths, including part of the Raad ny Foillan (The Way of the Gull), the 95 mile walk around the Island formed during Heritage Year celebrations in 1986.

The work carried out by the NatWest team included forming steps in a steep bank near the fort, improving boggy sections of footpath and clearance of vegetation to provide a better experience for visitors and walkers. MNH provided the tools needed and the team got down to work.

The project was coordinated for NatWest by Shaun Murphy, MNH Property Manager:

“MNH is extremely grateful for the continued support and hard work that the NatWest team put into this project. As well as a great team-building exercise, the group’s work has made a very valuable contribution in helping us to maintain and improve the Manx Museum and National Trust lands within our care.”

Carl Jennings, Area Manager at NatWest, commented;

“With the Bank supporting each employee with one day paid leave off work to volunteer in local community projects, we were delighted to have the opportunity to work as a team in helping Manx National Heritage with their valuable conservation work. A very enjoyable and rewarding day was had by all who participated in the repair and improvement project at Gob ny Rona. It is important for businesses in the Isle of Man to support the local community and we would highly recommend other organisations to support MNH in their work through their organised community days.”

MNH regularly works with companies seeking an “away day” or team building opportunities for their staff, whilst providing essential support for the work MNH undertakes at its sites and ancient monuments.

For further information on corporate conservation projects visit our Volunteer page.

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