Manx National Heritage launch ‘Explore TT & MGP’

– Posted on Tuesday 7th June 2016

Manx National Heritage, the national heritage agency for the Isle of Man, is celebrating the addition of the one millionth record on, with the addition of 8,779 Motorsport Biographies to the online research service. 

‘Explore TT & MGP’ is a new research facility for motorsport enthusiasts on and the only online research facility to provide free access on your PC or smartphone to the latest, most comprehensive, accurate race stats, rider biographies and images of the TT & MGP, from the first riders in 1907 to the current fastest rider John McGuinness.

The ‘Explore TT & MGP’ homepage features the results for last year’s TT & MGP, a list of the top 10 riders of all time with the most wins and the most podium finishes and an easy way to browse all of Manx National Heritage’s motorsport collections.

The new facility offers the opportunity to find your favourite rider and view a table of all the races he or she competed in, along with their position, time, speed and machine.  If it’s a particular race you want to re-live, a race class or the race results for a given year then searching is easy.  Explore TT & MGP also enables you to chart how race machines have performed down the years, anything from a Norton to a Honda.   

Explore TT & MGP provides unlimited access to Manx National Heritage’s motorsport collections, including past-to-present photographs of races, riders and milestones, and iconic motorbikes like Mike Hailwood’s Suzuki RG 500 which he rode to victory in the 1979 Senior TT and Dave Moyneux’s 2007 TT sidecar.  If you want to read more, there are links to books and other printed material about the TT & MGP, copies of which are available to browse at the Library and Archives at the Manx Museum.    

TT & MGP fans can share what they know or add their memories of a rider or race by using the comments box at the bottom of every record on Explore TT & MGP.  Fans can add rider biographies with the aim of telling the story of each TT & MGP rider and passenger.  Stories can be shared on Facebook or Twitter using the social media links on each record.

Explore ‘TT & MGP’ on iMuseum

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