Manx Museum and National Trust to take ownership of former Castletown Police Station

– Posted on Wednesday 13th June 2018

In the light of the views expressed by the community and reaffirmed in Tynwald, the Manx Museum and National Trust, the Department of Home Affairs and Treasury are pleased to confirm that a transfer has been agreed which will see the Old Police Station in Castletown move formally into the ownership of the Trust.

The package involves the use of the proceeds arising from the sale of surplus office accommodation in the name of the Trust, and a contribution of up to £100k from Trustees’ charitable funds.

After the transfer has taken place, the Manx Museum and National Trust will consult with local stakeholders, businesses and Government agencies about the future use of the building. All parties are keen to ensure that a sustainable use is identified which enables the building to be properly preserved and maintained for the future while limiting the impact on public funds.

As is the current process with surplus buildings, the Department of Infrastructure will continue to advertise and offer these to all Government departments, boards and offices before they are disposed of on the open market. The DoI will work with the key Departments, including Treasury, and all interested parties to ensure that historic properties are thoroughly reviewed for all potential options to identify either sustainable new uses or an appropriate disposal route. This is essential in order to balance financial requirements with the need to protect the contribution of these properties to the historic environment of the Island and making our Island a ‘Special place to live and work’.

In the past 30 years many buildings have been transferred to MNH to be held in Trust for future generations. These include Castle Rushen, Peel Castle, the Laxey Wheel and the Old House of Keys. A strong partnership continues between the Manx Museum and National Trust and the Isle of Man Government, which has funded the maintenance of these properties and provided support for major improvements and repairs.

All parties would like to take this opportunity to thank those individuals who have expressed interest and support for this building. We look forward to ensuring this asset contributes towards making Castletown a lively and attractive place to shop and visit under its new owners.

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