Lloyds TSB Announces Winner of Replica Lewis Chess Set

– Posted on Friday 1st March 2013

The arrival of the Lewis Chessmen has proven to be a popular attraction for visitors to the Manx Museum and for one lucky visitor in particular thanks to exhibition sponsors, Lloyds TSB.

The lucky winner was Mrs Greta Corlett, of Andreas who attended the official opening of the exhibition and has since made several return visits to the museum.

Mrs Corlett was presented with her prize by Peter Reid, Island Director for Lloyds TSB, in a recent ceremony which took place at the Manx Museum. 

Peter said:

“Lloyds TSB is delighted to present Greta with her prize, a beautifully crafted replica Lewis chess set, and I do not think it could have gone to a more fitting home.”

Six of the Lewis Chessmen are currently on display in the Forgotten Kingdom Exhibition at the Manx Museum towards which Lloyds TSB donated over £10,000.

The Forgotten Kingdom tells the story of a time when the Isle of Man was the capital of a maritime kingdom extending from the Celtic Sea into the North Atlantic, when trade brought wealth, and wealth supported sophisticated art and the development of skilled craftsmanship. 

The kingdom encompassed the Outer Hebrides, Skye, the Inner Hebrides, Argyll and the Irish Sea. The seat of power was the Isle of Man and from this small island, the Kings of Man and the Isles ruled both the lands and the vital sea route that ran through the heart of what we now know as the British Isles.

Peter continued:

“I am proud that Lloyds TSB has been able to support such a fascinating exhibition which highlights the Isle of Man’s links to wealth planning over 800 years ago.”

Lloyds TSB has been part of this history since 1765.  Today, the organization maintains offices in major financial centres around the world, including the Isle of Man, a global financial centre for wealth planning.  Find out more at

The Forgotten Kingdom Exhibition is on display until 9 March 2013 and is open Monday – Saturday, 10am to 5pm at the Manx Museum. 



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