LAST CHANCE TO SEE: The Luxury of Time Exhibition

– Posted on Friday 18th September 2020

An exhibition featuring some of history’s most significant British timepieces closes at the Manx Museum on Sunday 27 September.

The Luxury of Time exhibition showcases the golden age of clock making and features 30 different outstandingly beautiful timepieces from the private collection of Dr John C Taylor OBE.

It includes a gothic lantern clock, made by blacksmiths (from 1500) and a silver and gilt David Ramsay astronomical verge watch (c1618), on which the dial shows the hour, day (sign, name and deity), month (name and date) together with the sign of the Zodiac, age and phase of the moon, and planet hour.  This incredible timepiece bears an engraving of a portrait of King James I and is signed, ‘David Ramsay Scottes me Fecit’.

Kirsty Neate, Head of Professional Services for Manx National Heritage said:

“The exhibition would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of Isle of Man resident, inventor and philanthropist, Dr Taylor, and his team, to whom Manx National Heritage are extremely grateful for their generosity in bringing this unique collection together for display on the Isle of Man.  We extend our sincere thanks to all involved in curating this special exhibition”.

Dr John C Taylor OBE pictured holding the David Ramsay watch


The exhibition remains on display in the Temporary Exhibition Gallery at the Manx Museum until Sunday 27 September.

Kirsty continued:

“Our next temporary exhibition will open on 17 October at the House of Manannan and will feature an exhibition of portraits from the Ruth Bouchard collection, one of the finest collections of British and Irish portrait art”.

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