Labyrinth – back by popular demand

– Posted on Tuesday 19th November 2013

Returning for the final time this year is ‘Labyrinth’, a promenade performance at Castle Rushen. Tickets are now available for this unmissable experience on 6 – 8 December which takes the audience on an immersive and thought-provoking journey through the Castle keep, unlocking secrets and stories from the past.

In a small group, the audience will be taken back to the Castle’s very beginning encountering a labyrinth of stories in which they will take meaning from the person, place or object they have encountered.

Katie King said;

“Labyrinth was first seen back in July as part of Castle Rushen’s Unlocked weekend. It’s the first type of experiential theatre we have tried at our sites. Due to all tours being fully subscribed in July, we are pleased to be able to offer another opportunity to those people who missed out.”

Labyrinth has since been shortlisted for an Isle of Man Newspapers Award of Excellence in Independent Thinking and Innovation. It also received some incredible reviews;

‘You didn’t know what to expect and that intrigued me.’

‘Tragic, enlightening, grim, inspiring – shadows of stories on the walls of the keep.’

‘What an amazing experience. I learnt so much about the Castle I don’t think I will ever look at it in the same way again. Thank you.’

‘Brilliant idea to bring the stories to life in this way. So atmospheric and very moving as well as humorous.’

The production was created by a team at Manx National Heritage in conjunction with leading UK museum theatre professionals Dr Anna Farthing and Chris Cade and a new on-Island theatre group Isle of Man History in Action. Dr Anna Farthing is an award-winning creator of drama in live and recorded media, with a special interest in creating original material from historical themes. Freelance actor and storyteller Chris Cade undertakes bespoke educational theatre projects and has worked with the theatre group to develop the performance.

Labyrinth at Castle Rushen is an active and fast-moving experience, and some scenes may be considered to be unsuitable for children under 11 years. It also involves walking up and down spiral staircases, confined spaces and low lighting levels.

Tickets are available now £10 Adult and £5 for ages 11 – 18 at the Manx Museum Shop and online, a number of departure times are available. To watch the trailer and buy tickets – click here.

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