Jorvik celebrates Isle of Man Viking Hero in new exhibition

– Posted on Wednesday 14th August 2013

Manx National Heritage continues its partnership with York Archaeological Trust by lending significant items from the Manx National Collections for the exciting summer exhibition, Heroes, on display until 3rd November 2013. 

The exhibition explores the stories of some of the most famous and influential Vikings – including Godred Crovan, one of the most powerful Viking kings of Man and the Isles alongside the archaeological evidence that tells their story. 

A highly decorated sword pommel found near Ballaugh in 2008 by metal detectorists Rob Farrer and Daniel Crowe is now on display at Jorvik, along with a sword that was found near Tynwald Hill.  A stunning replica of a Viking sword found at Ballateare also forms part of the exhibition.  

The exhibition defines Godred Crovan as ‘a legendary ruler’ Also known as King Orry, he made three attempts to capture the Isle of Man and bring it under his rule. When he finally did, Godred went on to reign for 16 years. A wise and powerful ruler, he extended his power beyond the Island, subduing Dublin and the east coast of Ireland, and so dominating the Irish Sea.

The exhibition features other Viking ‘celebrities’, including Eric Bloodaxe, Harald Bluetooth and Leif the Lucky, and some famous Viking women including Aud the Deep-minded. The exhibition also delves into the world of Viking myth, uncovering the superpowers of the Viking gods through story.

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