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– Posted on Wednesday 12th March 2014

Throughout 2014 iMuseum will be helping mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War by revealing the Island lives caught up in the First World War, through service records, photographs, objects and biographies.  iMuseum also features some of the exhibits from ‘This Terrible Ordeal’ exhibition at The Manx Museum.  iMuseum lets you discover Biographies, Internment PhotographsMemorials, Exhibits from ‘This Terrible Ordeal’ and a Library & Archive Collection Guide so you can read more.

Keep checking back to iMuseum as we’ll be revealing new stories each month.  This is where we need your help.  If you’ve information or stories to share about the Isle of Man during the First World War, whether in uniform or on the home front then we’d love you to share them with us – just get in touch.

Here’s just one remarkable story told in iMuseum:

Second Lieutenant Robert (Roy) Corlett was born in Douglas. In 1914, through family connections, he and his brother secured commissions in the British army, Roy being commissioned into the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. He proceeded to France in 1916 and took part in the Battle of the Somme. In November 1916, as he was advancing with his men across No Man’s Land, he was hit in the knee by a German bullet. Unable to walk, he was picked up by German stretcher bearers and spent the remainder of the war in a German POW camp.

On display in ‘This Terrible Ordeal’ exhibition is his actual leather jerkin.  Leather jerkins such as this were standard issue to British soldiers in cold weather, being preferable to a greatcoat in that they left the arms free for movement. When worn by officers, they would also make them appear less distinct from their men, and less of a target for snipers.

Knox Online 2014 is the 150th anniversary year of the birth of the Manx artist Archibald Knox (1864-1933). Using iMuseum and other online portals, Knox Online will for the first time give digital access to our Knox collection.  We’re planning to commission the best and latest in digital photography, capturing high-quality digital masters and easy-to-access online images of around 100 Knox-designed objects from our collection.  We’re hoping that during 2014 we can  release these images onto iMuseum, Flickr, UK Culture Grid and the European cultural portal Europeana.

With beautiful images showcasing Knox’s wonderful detailed design and an expert catalogue and keywords optimising online searching, Knox Online will for the first time give global digital access to a collection that deserves to be internationally known.

Knox Online will also feature digital images of ‘The Deer’s Cry’ (St Patrick’s Hymn) and Knox’s designs for Liberty.  We’ll even be producing in partnership with Europeana 3D images of Knox-designed objects you can rotate onscreen!

Here’s just a taste of the beautifully-designed Knox objects that’ll appear on iMuseum in time for the ‘Celtic Style’ exhibition opening at the House of Manannan on 5 April 2014.

You can Buy A Print of ‘The Deer’s Cry’ or of one of Knox’s beautiful watercolours.

Fine Art Print, Photo Print, Canvas and framed prints in a range of sizes delivered direct to your door (within approximately 14 working days upon receipt of an order).

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