Friends of Manx National Heritage and National Trust of Guernsey share heritage exchange

– Posted on Tuesday 25th August 2020

Serendipitously while one National Trust Guernsey (NTG) member visited the Isle of Man’s historic sites, a member from the Friends of Manx National Heritage (FMNH) was also simultaneously visiting Guernsey’s historic buildings.

NTG last week welcomed Friends of Manx National Heritage Development and Administration Officer, Nicola Pemberton to the Island when she arrived in Guernsey with her husband for a short holiday. They were quickly given a tour of Les Caches Farm, an NTG site constructed in the early to mid-15th century that was recently restored back to its former glory after a 20-year project by the Trust.

Mrs Pemberton said it was stunning and she was really pleased to have had the chance to visit. ‘Although we have been to Guernsey before, it’s great to use the air bridge between the two islands to visit heritage sites that we haven’t been to’ she said.

‘The building here is very beautiful, and I understand one of NTG’s members is currently visiting our island and from the sounds of it she is visiting our equivalent – Harry Kelly’s Cottage in Cregneash. She’ll have a wonderful time as we are here.’

Meanwhile, stalwart NTG volunteer Margaret Rayer was being greeted by some of the Manx National Heritage team at Cregneash and introduced to Bonnie one of the resident Manx cats.

Margaret spent her time visiting several of the island’s attractions, much like her Manx counterparts in Guernsey, and said it was great to be able to see what the Isle of Man had to offer – including the world’s largest working water wheel in Laxey to the tiny thatched Manx cottages at Cregneash and the beautiful Niarbyl Bay.

‘It’s been extremely friendly, and the community has been so helpful,’ she said.

‘The Manx Museum was tremendous, and I enjoyed the introductory film. I especially have enjoyed having my bones shaken on the electric tram. Finally, not least I’ve enjoyed meeting Bonnie the Manx cat at Cregneash.’

National Trust of Guernsey and Friends of Manx National Heritage Members enjoy free entry at heritage sites owing to a recently established Reciprocal Arrangement between the two island organisations.

For more information about supporting the work of Manx National Heritage by becoming a Member of FMNH, visit




Image caption: Representatives from Friends of Manx National Heritage have been having a look around Les Caches Farm with Guernsey National Trust representatives. Left to right, Sean Martin Guernsey National Trust Council Member, Sara Lampitt, Vice President of Guernsey National Trust, Nicola Pemberton, Development and Administration Officer at Friends of Manx National Heritage, and Jemma Field, Estate Manager for Guernsey National Trust


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