An Extraordinary Assembly at Tynwald Hill, St Valentine’s Day 1229

– Posted on Friday 8th February 2013

Did you know that ‘The Chronicles of the Kings of Man and the Isles’ recount an extraordinary assembly at Tynwald Hill on St Valentine’s Day, 14th February 1229, which finally concluded the violent dispute over the Kingship of the Isle of Man?

The war, which was waged by two powerful brother-Kings, King Reginald and King Olaf II, was finally ended by what the Chronicles record as a ‘a band of wicked men’. The ‘Story of Olaf and Reginald’ is available to download from our website, illustrated by Julia Ashby Smythe.

The Story of Olaf and Reginald

Tynwald Meeting Colouring Sheet

Tynwald Olaf and Reginald Colouring Sheet

Interested in learning more? Bring your little Berserkers along to the Manx Museum this half-term for the ‘Forgotten Kingdom’ workshops, where they can paint their very own Lewis chess pieces, write illuminated lettering, and follow our exhibition trail. Tickets for the ‘Forgotten Kingdom’ workshops are £3.50 and available to purchase from the Manx Museum Shop.

The original Chronicles are currently on display at the Manx Museum until 9th March 2013 together with six of the intricately carved Lewis Chess pieces.

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