Curating the TT Races

– Posted on Tuesday 7th February 2012

Tickets are available now for ‘Curating the TT Races’, a talk reflecting on MNH’s TT and motorsport exhibitions of the past five years, at the Manx Museum on Friday 17th February, 7.30pm.

Curator of Social History Matthew Richardson looks back over the highly successful ‘Staying the Course’ in 2007, which in its first two weeks of opening recorded almost 17,500 visitors, ‘Honda: The Golden Age’ in 2009, and ‘Legends of Suzuki’ in 2010. The evening’s presentation will look at some of the highlights of the exhibitions, including reminders of some of the very special machines and other artefacts which have been loaned for display, and some of the VIP visitors who attended them.

Matthew says:

“It has been a real privilege for me to work on these exhibitions, not least because of the marvellous people that I have come into contact with as a result. All of them share a common passion for the Isle of Man and its motorcycling heritage. Many of them have loaned valuable or precious items to us for display, and many have had wonderful memories of the Isle of Man, either as a competitor or spectator.

Bringing these artefacts and memories together has been a great challenge but also very rewarding. We know from the comments that we have received in our visitor books that these exhibitions have been a big hit with TT fans, and have drawn audiences literally from all over the world. Hopefully the evening will capture some of the flavour and atmosphere of these events.”

The lecture will conclude with personal reflections on where MNH has been successful in documenting the history of the TT through its collections, and what it still needs to do, as well as ideas for the future.

Tickets are £5 per person and £2.50 to the Friends of Manx National Heritage and children, available from the Manx Museum Shop and online at

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