Collecting COVID Isle of Man

– Posted on Thursday 11th March 2021

Manx National Heritage continues to record the Island’s response to COVID. 

In May 2020 Manx National Heritage launched ‘Collecting COVID Isle of Man’. The aim of this contemporary collecting project is to document and record this extraordinary period in our history by collecting images, first-hand experiences and objects that reflect Island life during the COVID pandemic. ‘Collecting COVID Isle of Man’ will enable Manx National Heritage to understand and document the human dimension of the pandemic and will enable future generations to learn about and understand our experience.

Katie King, Community Outreach Officer for Manx National Heritage explains more:

We had a very strong response to this project when we launched last year, and to date we have collected over 150 individual submissions, including nearly 500 photographs.  The first-hand accounts we have received have also been extremely moving.

We wanted to remind the Island community during this difficult and unsettling time that this project is still open and we are still actively seeking submissions.  We are looking to collect both physical and digital objects such as photographs, journals and first-hand accounts reflecting the impact of COVID on the Manx people.

We are asking the community to share with us personal photographs and accounts which reflect their experiences of living through this extraordinary period and also to reflect how Island life has changed. We would like to represent a broad range of people and experiences – from front line essential workers, to those working quietly in the background, to those self-isolating alone or with their families and to understand what we are all doing to keep our spirits up.

We particularly welcome submissions from school children, especially those in self isolation, who might like to reflect on their experience during our current circuit breaker – this could be in the form of journaling, story writing or photography. ”

In addition to photographs and digital material, Manx National Heritage is also asking people to keep hold of physical objects that might reflect this period for potential donation to the collection at a future date.

If you would like to contribute to this record of our history for future generations, please email your photographs and accounts to

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