Bernard Caine

– Posted on Monday 2nd June 2014

Bernard Caine sadly passed away on Friday night. Bernard was a member of the Trustees of the Manx Museum and National Trust for very many years and held various positions within the Trust including Chairman. His contribution to the Manx language and to the Island’s heritage was incalculable. More than that he was a gentleman with a kind and generous heart and will be sadly missed by all who knew him and of him.

As a mark of respect for their former Trustee and Chairman, Manx National Heritage will be flying the National flags at their sites at half-mast from now until the day of Bernard’s funeral service.

Tony Pass, the current Chairman of the Manx Museum and National Trust paid tribute to his late colleague;

Bernard – like ‘Winston’ or ‘Boris’ – didn’t need a surname. Bernard was a scholar, a gentleman and a favourite uncle to all who knew him. His contribution to Manx culture and heritage over a lifetime was second to none. He served the Manx Museum as a Trustee and he was Chairman during the period of its expansion in the 80’s and 90’s. Compared with his successors in the post, his style was distinctly ‘laid back’, but beneath his crumpled exterior he had a keen mind and he knew what mattered. His dedication to the cause of Manx National Heritage was total. He wore his scholarship lightly. He displayed the same courtesy and good humour when he escorted the Queen around the Museum extension as he did when he met you in the bus queue.


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