Barclays Staff Volunteer on the Calf of Man

– Posted on Thursday 20th September 2012


Last month, four volunteers from Barclays in the Isle of Man joined members of the Manx Wildlife Trust and Manx National Heritage to lend a helping hand by undertaking restoration and conservation work on the Calf of Man.

Following an overnight stay on the Calf, the volunteers built new boardwalks in areas used by the wardens to undertake essential bird conservation work.  The Calf of Man Bird Observatory is one of 19 accredited bird observatories within Britain and Ireland and plays a key role in the study of bird movements, through daily censusing and ringing of migrants.

Eniko Fomunyoh-Magyar, Barclays Client Relations Advisor and group leader, said:

‘We were so pleased to have the opportunity to actively contribute to the conservation scheme on the Calf of Man once again.  It is amazing how much work is put into letting wildlife thrive. Everything the wardens do is carefully planned so it gives the best opportunity for both flora and fauna to stay healthy and happy.

‘Barclays recognises the importance of its involvement and engagement with the Island community, supporting a wide range of community projects through both funding and volunteer time throughout the year.’

 Manx National Heritage representative, Shaun Murphy, who also participated in the work, said:

‘We are very grateful to Barclays for carrying out a further project on the Calf.  The completed project greatly supports the wardens’ on-going work and is an effective contribution towards the important task of collecting bird data.  These projects are invaluable for the ongoing preservation and protection of the Island’s natural heritage.’



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