Another win for Manx biodiversity as Manx National Heritage and Manx Wildlife Trust sign Memorandum of Understanding

– Posted on Thursday 8th October 2020

Last Friday, Manx National Heritage (MNH) and Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) took another big step for partnership working in the Isle of Man and Manx biodiversity by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

For 10 years, MNH have contracted MWT to manage the Calf of Man, an iconic site for the IOM originally owned by the English National Trust and now held in trust for the Manx community by MNH. Working together for a decade has shown the benefits that can be achieved through partnership working. The increase in Manx Shearwater numbers from 0 to more than 700 breeding pairs is just one of the real achievements.

MWT and MNH now formally intend, through this MoU, to collaborate and work together in matters of the Island’s environment, biodiversity and education.

Jonathan Hall, Chairman of MNH said: ‘MNH tends to be known for its built heritage and historic collections. In fact, our legislation is very similar in tone to that of the English National Trust when it talks about preserving the beauty of the Manx Countryside. We are significant landowners and because we hold that land “in trust” for future generations we have to take a very long-term perspective. This long-term perspective means that we are well-placed to consider issues such as climate change, sustainability, biodiversity and so on. On the other hand large organisations that take a long-term perspective sometimes appear to move slowly. Working with a smaller, more nimble partner has its advantages.’

Viv Davies, Chair of MWT said: ‘Like-minded organisations such as ours can make a real difference now and long into the future, hopefully embracing other partners along the way, and moving from pockets of nature to a connected vibrant natural tapestry – a green lace to enhance all our lives.’

The signing took place with a backdrop of stunning artworks produced by Manx based artists in the temporary exhibition space at the House of Manannan in Peel where the joint Art of Nature exhibition had been running throughout the Summer. The exhibition has now closed but the artworks are still available to view and purchase up until Christmas at

A PDF copy of the Memorandum of Understanding can be viewed at

Video of the speeches by Manx National Heritage’s Edmund Southworth, Director, Jonathan Hall, Chairman, Manx Wildlife Trust’s Viv Davies, Chair, and Leigh Morris, CEO. 


Notes to Editors

  1. Manx Wildlife Trust ( is the leading nature conservation charity on the Isle of Man with over 1200 members plus supporting local businesses. It manages 24 nature reserves covering nearly 300 acres and runs events and activities for schools, youth groups and families. Its special projects include work to bring back breeding Puffins to the Calf of Man, creating a 60-acre nature and play trail in Ramsey and a travelling ‘Wilder Future’ exhibition continues for 2020.
  2. Manx National Heritage ( is an Isle of Man registered charity (no. 603.) and is the island’s statutory body with responsibility for the historic and natural environment as well as museum collections. It manages historic sites, museums and visitor attractions as well as providing Library, Archive and Education services.
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