‘After the Vikings’ Book Launch

– Posted on Thursday 12th December 2013

Manx National Heritage will host the launch of ‘After the Vikings’, a new book by Dr Peter Davey at the House of Manannan on Friday 13 December 2013.

‘After the Vikings’ provides the first ever overview of the archaeological evidence for what was happening on the Isle of Man between the founding of the Kingdom of Man and the Isles in the 11th century and Henry VIII’s Reformation and closure of Rushen Abbey in 1540.  After an introduction covering the landscape and historical background to this fascinating period of Manx history, Dr Davey examines the archaeology of the major seats of secular power and explores why it gave rise to the building of mottes, promontory forts and the great castles of Peel Castle and Castle Rushen.

He then considers the crucial role the Church played in daily life and the physical evidence that survives – the parish churches, the Cathedral of St German, and the monastic foundations at Rushen Abbey, Douglas Priory and Bemaken Friary.

Dr Davey’s detailed knowledge of the artefacts of the period – particularly medieval pottery – is put to good use in his assessment of the industries and trade that shaped the Manx medieval economy, and he concludes by assessing how much of medieval life is reflected in the pattern of settlement and land use we see around us today and in the legacy of our government.

Dr Davey’s intention has been to produce a resource for students of Manx archaeology and history, and the book is led throughout by the archaeological evidence, placed in the context of the results of recent historical and environmental research.  Its accessible and generously illustrated text will also appeal to a wider readership.

The book launch takes place will at 11am on Friday 13 December 2013 at the House of Manannan.  Copies are available from the heritage shops at the House of Manannan, Manx Museum and

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