Conservation of the Great Laxey Wheel

The Isle of Man’s most iconic historic monument, The Great Laxey Wheel, is currently undergoing conservation and repair.

This unique conservation project offers a rare opportunity to study and work on one of the Isle of Man’s most treasured ancient monuments and the largest working water wheel in the world.  Conservation work of this scale to the Lady Isabella only take place once or twice in a lifetime and the commencement of this project marks a significant moment in, not only the history of the Laxey Wheel but also in our Island’s history.

Designed by the Victorian engineer, Robert Casement, the wheel was completed in 1854 to pump water from the depths of the Laxey mines using water from Glen Mooar to power the wheel. The impressive 22.1 (72.6 feet) diameter structure found immediate popularity and has remained one of the Island’s most iconic and dramatic attractions for over 150 years.

13 January 2022: Laxey Wheel Conservation Begins

2022 has begun with a flurry of activity at the Great Laxey Wheel, where contractors have commenced work on a project to repair and conserve the iconic waterwheel. Discover more…

27 September 2021: Contractors sought to make history conserving the Great Laxey Wheel

The search commences for a contractor to complete a crucial maintenance programme at the world’s largest working waterwheel, The Great Laxey Wheel. Discover more…

24 March 2021: Funding Plan agreed for Laxey Wheel repairs and maintenance

MNH is delighted to announce that it has agreed a plan with the Treasury to get the Laxey Wheel running again at the earliest opportunity. Discover more…

10 September 2020: The Wheel Stops Turning Once Again

The Isle of Man’s most iconic historic monument, The Great Laxey Wheel, has temporarily stopped turning after suffering a failure of one of the rods connecting the wheel with the T-rocker earlier this week.  The damage is a result of age and weathering of timbers in the rod duct.  Discover more…

2 August 2019: The Wheel is Feeling her Age

As the Lady Isabella (The Great Laxey Wheel) celebrates her 165th Anniversary this year, the maintenance team at Manx National Heritage continues to monitor and take care of this wonderful feat of engineering to ensure she continues to run smoothly after well over a century and a half of hard work. Discover more…



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