MISSION 100 is a unique family audio trail celebrating 100 years of the Manx Museum!  Funded by the Elizabeth Clucas Charitable Trust and developed by children’s theatre specialists Hello Little People on behalf of Manx National Heritage, ‘MISSON 100 – SAVE THE STORIES’ is inspired by the stories that fill the Manx Museum.

Commissioned by Manx National Heritage, this unique audio adventure will take visitors on an immersive experience around the museum galleries in the role of ‘Agent 100’, bringing the Manx Museum galleries to life.


Arrive at the Manx Museum

  1. Bring your own device and headphones (1 per person if you can!)
  2. Connect to WiFi
  3. Look for numbered MISSION 100 boards
  4. Scan QR code at each stop to listen

Pick up your adventure map! Your Mission starts in the MUSEUM 100 Gallery.


  1. 1 device per person (any smartphone or tablet that has the ability to connect to WiFi)
  2. Headphones – 1 pair per person


The welcome team at The Manx Museum will assist you if you need additional equipment.  There is a supply of headphones, headphone splitters and Mp3 players available to
borrow if you do not have a device per person.


  • Pause and play the tracks as instructed
  • The audio trail will guide you to the next stop
  • Use your map to help find your way
  • Scan the QR code to listen to the track at each stop


What age is MISSION 100 suitable for? 
MISSION 100 is best suited for children ages 6-11. We welcome audiences of all ages.
We recommend that an adult takes part with the child too. It’s fun, we promise!

My child doesn’t have a device, what do I do?
Speak to a member of the reception team. They will provide you with a headphone splitter that connects multiple headphones to one device. Alternatively, you can borrow an Mp3 player with MISSION 100 downloaded.

My child has a device which does not have wifi enabled, how can they listen?
Enable wifi on the device you want to use and download the full length track at reception (or at home!), before starting the trail. Switch off wifi once downloaded.
OR Use a headphone splitter from reception to both listen through your device or speak to reception about borrowing an Mp3 player.

I have brought bluetooth headphones, but I want to listen at the same time as my child.
Bluetooth headphones will enable you to listen to the trail on one device. Should you wish to listen at the same time as your child, speak to reception about borrowing headphones and a headphone splitter.

How will I know where to go?
The audio trail will guide you from stop to stop. Look out for the numbered QR code boards and use your map if you need to.

Is MISSION 100 accessible?
MISSION 100 is an audio experience, currently not accessible for those with hearing impairments. Visually impaired audiences may need to walk with a companion to guide them through the museum.  MISSION 100 takes place in the Manx Museum. The route is accessible with one ramp and no steps. Please see Manx Museum access guide for more information. MISSION 100 can be enjoyed at your own pace. You can replay tracks as many times as you wish.

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