Vikings in Valhalla- Life and Death in Viking Britain

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This extraordinary workshop will incorporate a visit to the touring exhibition from Jorvik Viking Centre, which will be showcased at the House of Manannan. The workshop will  focus on the significance of Viking burial findings, objects that explore everyday life in Britain 1,000 years ago and the latest archaeological research techniques used to uncover stories from the past.

The workshop will look at the importance of archaeological evidence in understanding how the Vikings commemorated and celebrated their dead using pagan boat burials, grave goods and ornately carved headstones.

The picture depicted here on the Jurby cross is thought to be the god Heimdall, described as the watchman of the gods. He sits at the edge of heaven guarding the rainbow bridge Bifrost against the giants. He has a trumpet called Gjallarhorn and its blast can be heard in all worlds, and it is this horn that Heimdall will blow to signal the beginning of Ragnarok. Then Loki and Heimdall fight one another.

Sessions available Morning 10.00am-11.30am or afternoon 1.00pm-2.30pm.

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