Jewels of the Vikings

27-29th November 2019

To celebrate the return of the Pagan Lady’s necklace to the Manx Museum we will be hosting a week of workshops for students to learn a range of techniques used to make Viking trinkets and treasures.

Within this workshop children will learn techniques of Viking wire ‘knit chain’ and millefiori to understand the artistry of the vikings.

The 1,000-year-old Pagan Lady’s necklace was found during an archaeological dig on St Patrick’s Isle in Peel in 1984.  This impressive decorative piece is made up of 51 colourful glass, jet and amber beads.

How to apply for your workshop

Click here to download a Workshop Application Form 2019-2020 . Please ensure you first agree to the Terms and Conditions of the booking stated on the reverse page of the booking application before applying.

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