Medieval Measurements!

About the workshop

This lesson will explore the historic importance and function of Castle Rushen with a numerical twist. The workshop will introduce students to a general history of castles and architectural terms, while inviting students to consider the form and function of this mighty fortress.

Students will gain familiarity with geometric shapes, symmetry, patterns, and dimensions together with learning about historic units of measurement on the Isle of Man and how it applies to constructing and maintaining a great fortress.

Students will work in groups to measure architectural features and consider weights and measures in preparing Castle Rushen for an anticipated siege!

Sessions available-morning 10.30am-12.00 and afternoon 1pm-2.30pm.

£80 per session.

Teacher’s comments-‘Workshops are fundamental as they can relive history in the correct environment.  Artefacts readily available make history more fun and real to the children’. 

Please ensure you have your schools only workshop code which is emailed to schools before booking your workshop here.


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