The Art of Archibald Knox with Nicola Dixon

Let’s draw with Nicola Dixon

Manx artist Nicola Dixon frequently uses interlace and has been inspired by the techniques of Archibald Knox in her range of beautiful paintings.

In this tutorial Nicola will demonstrate how she has adapted the Archibald Knox style to create her own interlace technique.

‘I love Archibald Knox’s description of the artist’s line being like a blade of grass blowing in the wind.  I hope by watching my video you will be inspired to create interlacing patterns of your own and to look closer at the work of Archibald Knox and the beautiful designs on the Manx crosses.’  Nicola Dixon

If you have enjoyed getting intricate with interlacing, have a go at making your own interlace design by following the instructions in the printable sheets below.

If you would rather concentrate on colour than technique then print off and colour the bookmarks  below that Nicola has drawn for you to enjoy.

Archibald Knox

Archibald Knox was not only a talented painter and illustrator, but he also designed a range of beautiful objects made of ceramic, pewter and silver.  Knox’s artistic style was influenced by the dramatic Manx landscapes and ancient crosses that were intricately carved by the Celtic and Viking people.

Did you know that some of Archibald Knox’s interlacing at work can be directly traced to patterns carved on the Manx crosses by ancient inhabitants of the Isle of Man?

Click on the links below to learn more about Archibald Knox the artist and designer, the Archibald Knox Digitised Collection and objects in 3D.

The Deer’s Cry, also known as St. Patrick’s Hymn is an illuminated interpretation of a prayer for St. Patrick. Click on the link below to view the outstanding pages of this book. Colour your own page by printing the PDF below. ‘In Brightness of Snow’.

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