Film Screening: Manx Trains and Trams

Discover the Isle of Man's extraordinary railway system, with presenter Charles Guard.

Warm - FREE - something to see!

  • Screening Tuesdays 11am.
  • Time 11am
  • Location Manx Museum
  • Price FREE

Warm ~ Free ~ Something to See

The Isle of Man can justifiably boast one of the most extraordinary railway systems in the world. It has the oldest electric railway, the longest running horsetrams, two vintage steam railways, a unique mountain railway, and the remains of cable cars, funicular railways and cliff lifts. The five lines that still run today provide a marvellous variety of interest, and tourists and enthusiasts come from all over the world to enjoy the Victorian steam engines and trams.

This film screening traces the development of these extraordinary systems with archive photographs and rare footage, and shows how they have adapted to the 21st century. We visit the workshops where traditional skills for repair and rebuilding are still in use, and take a trip along the various lines through the Manx countryside and up onto the Island’s highest mountain. These vintage systems still use their original rolling stock, which is kept in perfect condition, and there’s an opportunity to see trams and engines which date back to the 1870s running as they always have done.

The colourful trains and trams of the Isle of Man are a must for anyone remotely interested in vintage transport, and this superb film captures the essence of the world’s most unusual vintage transport system.

Screened by kind permission of Duke Video.

Event location: Manx Museum

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