Their Enchanted Isle by Derek Winterbottom


Their Enchanted Isle

by Derek Winterbottom

Paperback, 232 pages

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Sophia Morrison, Mona Douglas and Their Enchanted Isle

Sophia Morrison (1859 – 1917) and her admirer Mona Douglas (1898 – 1987) devoted their lives to the preservation of the Manx Gaelic Language and traditional Manx Life, especially the Island’s folklore.

Morrison’s Manx Fairy Tales is still a famous book while Mona Douglas was an outstanding poet from an early age. Throughout her long life she also made a major impact as a prolific journalist and novelist. She was a collector of folklore, folk music and folk dancing alongside a producer of pageants, plays and organizer of many Celtic congresses and festivals.

Douglas was also a lifelong buttress of the Manx language and flag-bearer for the Manx nation. On top of all this she found time to be a hill farmer and to conduct a long romance with a handsome Italian former internee.

This book is a short biography of Morrison and a longer one of Douglas, whom it claims to be the most influential Manx woman of the twentieth century.

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