Neear Nesañ – Beyond the Pier CD


Neear Nesañ Beyond the Pier CD

Featuring Mera Royle, David Kilgallon, Lors Landat & Thomas Moisson

13 Tracks

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Neear Nesañ Beyond the Pier CD

‘Neear Nesañ’, a part Breton, part Manx group, featuring the BBC Radio Two young musician of the years award winner Mera Royle and multi instrumentalist and composer David Kilgallon, along with Breton singer Lors Landat and musician Thomas Moisson, who perform unique and original music inspired by the traditional cultures of both Celtic nations.


13 Tracks:

  1. Al laouelanig
  2. Beyond the pier – 1st day
  3. Birds spell
  4. Beyond the pier – 2nd day
  5. Kilgallon’s dream
  6. Beyond the pier – 3rd day
  7. Tango in Peel
  8. Beyond the pier – 4th day
  9. Ushtey Millish ‘Sy Garee
  10. Beyond the pier – 5th day
  11. Damb d’er bal
  12. Beyond the pier – 6th day
  13. Oie Vie


  • Mera Royle: harp
  • David Kilgallon: piano/voice/fiddle
  • Lors Landat: voice
  • Thomas Moisson: accordian
  • Voice-off – guests: Annie Ebrel & Isla Callister
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