Michael Dunlop: Road Racer


 Michael Dunlop: Road Racer, It’s in My Blood


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Michael Dunlop has a reputation for being ‘the wild man’ of the TT – often mercurial and outright dangerous. An aggressive and tenacious competitor, Michael’s sporting career to date is incredible, but this book goes beyond racing, taking the reader to an even more emotional human journey.

Michael Dunlop is one of the greatest road racers on the planet. Brother of the terrific rider William, son of the late Robert and nephew of the late great Joey Dunlop; racing is in his blood. Now for the first time he has agreed to talk in depth about his family story, how he got involved in ‘the family business’ and how he manages to keep getting back on his bike despite all he knows of the deadly risks he encounters every time he crosses the start line.

With 13 TT wins to his name Michael is a phenomenal competitor, and in this sensational autobiography he reveals the highs and lows of racing, what it was like growing up part of a motorcycle dynasty and how that made him the incredible racing driver he is today.

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