Manx Fairy Tales by Sophia Morrison


Manx Fairy Tales

by Sophia Morrison

Paperback, 180 pages

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Manx Fairy Tales

Miss Sophia Morrison devoted much of her life to preserving all things Manx and was a leading member of the Manx Language Society. At the turn of the century she was a familiar figure in farmhouses and cottages, greeting people in the old tongue to which they readily responded. She understood them because she was one of them, and was proud of being so.

Sophia Morrison did all she could to preserve intact the native language and literature, folk-song and folk-lore. As founder arid editor of the magazine Manmn she showed high literary qualities She had many admirers and enlisted the active support of her friend, the artist, Archibald Knox. Her book of Manx Fairy Tales, collected in the west of the Island, remains the most authoritative and fascinating dealing with this subject of universal appeal.

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