Janet Corran – Boneman


Medium: ceramic
Dimensions: 32 x 15 cm (excl. mirror)

This double-sided sculpture is derived from Janet’s involvement with the Manx Fire Festivals and builds on her early memories of the Peel Viking Festivals. ‘Boneman’ is a character Janet has played several times in Peel and is the Winter Queen’s shaman, healer, Caillagh and crone, ‘An emblem of the deformity of winter’. Whereas Flora, who is a summer character, is the protector and nurturer of the plant kingdom. The winter and summer characters fight it out in mock battles; with winter winning at Oie Houney (October) Festival and summer winning at Oie Voaldyn (May) Festival. These concepts taken from old Manx traditions are part of the culture of Janet’s home, the Isle of Man, and take place in her beloved Peel.

More information about the piece and artist here.

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Additional information

This piece will be available to collect after 14th April 2024.

Part of the exhibition Home, a creative response to our Island home as seen through the eyes of artists from The Creative Network and held at the Manx Museum from 18th November 2023 to 14th April 2024.

Note: we will contact you independently after purchase to plan collection from the Manx Museum.

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