Isle of Man Glen Walks by Alan Cooper


Isle of Man Glen Walks

by Alan Cooper

Paperback, 48 pages

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Isle of Man Glen Walks

The Isle of Man is blessed with a large number of beautiful wooded glens, usually with streams or rivers running through them.

There are 18 National Glens which are kept in the same semi-natural state as they were a century ago.  The clearly-designated paths lead the walker through woodland with a variety of tree species, attractive bushes and ferns, alongside tumbling stream with waterfalls, cascades and rock pools.  Most are easy walks, a few include steeper sections which offer dramatic views – many have unusual and historic buildings.  The book includes a further 8 walks in tranquil public glens – both in the heart of the countryside and in towns.  If you are interested in shorter walks exploring Manx glens each with their own character this book is for you.

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