Isle of Man Decimal Coin Set


Isle of Man Decimal Coin Set

Contains all seven denominations of coins in a presentation folder

Issued by Tower Mint Ltd on behalf of the Isle of Man Government


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Additional information

Isle of Man Decimal Coin Set

This set of 2018 coins are supplied in a special collectors pack with information relating to each design utilised. As the copper 1p and 2p coins have been omitted, your 2019 coin set will features 7 coins instead of the usual 9.

The designs on the coins are as follows

  • Five Pence – Manx Shearwater Bird
  • Ten Pence – The Manx Cat
  • Twenty Pence – Viking Longship
  • Fifty Pence – Manx Loghtan Sheep
  • One Pound – Raven and Falcon
  • Two Pounds – Tower of Refuge
  • Five Pounds – Triskele Symbol
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