The Isle of Man: An Island of Contrasts DVD


The Isle of Man: An Island of Contrasts DVD

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An Island of Contrasts has been completely re-shot in DVD widescreen to bring the hugely popular title up-to-date. Set like an emerald in the silver-blue of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is one of the gems of the British Isles. A magical land of spell-binding contrasts – of purple mountains and rocky shores, ancient castles and bustling commerce, peaceful glens and fast, furious motorsport.

Just some thirty two miles long by eleven wide, the Isle of Man has a diverse landscape – from rolling hills to colourful harbours, castles to cottages, stone circles to steam railways. It also has a rich and varied culture – Celts and Vikings were the predominant early influences and their legacy is still strongly felt today.

Running time: 73 minutes

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