Ffynlo, Patch and a Magical Manx Half Term by Susie Heckles


Ffynlo, Patch and a Magical Manx Half Term

Written by Susie Heckles; Illustrated by Julie Roberts

Paperback, 52 pages

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Ffynlo, Patch and a Magical Manx Half Term

This beautifully illustrated story tells of two children who are bored and unhappy leaving their home and friends in England to visit an elderly relative in the Isle of Man. Their experience is turned around with the help of Patch, an elderly farm dog and Ffynlo a Loghtan sheep. Patch uses his ingenuity to win the children around whilst Ffynlo who has been given the magical power of human speech by the faeries, tells them stories and anecdotes about the Isle of Man, its culture and ancient language.

Intrigued by what they hear, the children want to learn more. They encourage their father to take them on visits to different parts of the island to teach them about Manx history and folklore.

The children’s mother is amazed in the sudden change in her children’s attitude but their father isn’t surprised at all, “the island is beginning to work its magic!” he says knowledgeably.

Aimed at children aged 7+ it is written by Susie Heckles and illustrated by Julie Roberts.

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