ELEMENTIsle Gold Edge Droplet Pendant


ELEMENTIsle Gold Edge Droplet Pendant

Beautifully cast by Claire of ELEMENTIsle with a 24-carat gold edge and 18″ silver chain

Delivered in an ELEMENTIsle box

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  • SKU: 1003455
  • Dimensions: 8.5 × 6.5 × 2.5 cm
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Out of stock

Additional information

ELEMENTIsle Gold Edge Droplet Pendant

The Droplet Pendant is lovingly hand crafted in recycled Silver, Argentium and Sterling Silver. With a bright polished silver finish and a 24-carat gold edge. The pendant is supplied with a 18” chain and delivered in an ELEMENTIsle box.

The pendant is created using methods of casting molten recycled silver into water taken from the mountain streams, and seawater collected on the beaches of the beautiful Isle of Man by Claire from ELEMENTIsle.

Each piece is unique creating wonderfully distinct jewellery, please allow for these differences when ordering.

Coordinating items and alternative colours available.

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